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Injection-moulded Components

Housing, cable channels, protective caps and lots more Injection-moulded components

Over the years, Coroplast’s wealth of problem-solving expertise in manufacturing wheel arch harnesses has led to the development of injection-moulded components. These include, for example, connectors (both sealed and unsealed), holder systems, cable channels, protective caps and lots more. 
Coroplast is an expert development partner that always finds innovative solutions for its customers when it comes to optimising products and processes. Whether based on a design template supplied by the customer or simply on construction space and other specifications – we design a suitable, precisely tailored manufacturing concept and develop the tools required to produce the components in coordination with our customers and toolmakers.

Our expertise is reflected at two primary levels: 

Firstly, when overmoulding a jacket cable. Here, for example, housings or connectors are directly moulded onto the cable assembly using injection-moulding technology. Secondly, when manufacturing injection-moulded components based on previously defined interfaces, those we have optimised, or others that we develop from scratch. The components are manufactured in fully automated processes.

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Would you like to know more about our cable assemblies – specifically about our injection-moulded components? You are welcome to contact us at any time.

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