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Customised Adhesive Solutions

Technical adhesive tapes Customised adhesive solutions

Thanks to our highly specific know-how, modern adhesive tapes are more versatile than ever before. Not just in the automotive sector but also in many other branches of industry, adhesive solutions can represent a more affordable, more sustainable and more efficient alternative. Whatever the application, the aim is always to bond materials or functional parts together permanently.

Coroplast employee with a special adhesive tape.
Our products make sure the plinth panel of a Siemens or Bosch oven is securely attached with no joints.

Coroplast develops and manufactures technical adhesive tapes

Throughout our 90-year history we have endeavoured never to stand still: from a manufacturer of standard materials we have evolved into a highly specialised developer of technical adhesive tapes. Why? Because we want to provide you with adhesive solutions tailored to your application. Solutions that meet your individual requirements.

What sets Coroplast apart is that because we always manufacture your tapes ourselves, you get project expertise and quality material all from one provider.

We offer single- and double-sided adhesive tapes with any adhesive:

  • hot-melt acrylic,
  • synthetic rubber, 
  • dispersion and solvent acrylic, also in modified form, or
  • self-adhesive acrylic masses.

Adhesive solutions: our special services

  • Level wound spools: Adhesive tapes as level wound spools are ideal for machine applications because much longer lengths are possible. Product widths from 3 mm to 29 mm are available on 3” and 6” cores, depending on the material. To accelerate the application process, you can also order level wound spools with overlapping liners.
  • Die-cut parts: We can offer you die-cut parts as either single- or double-sided tapes custom-designed to meet your specifications: on rolls, as sheets, as single parts, perforated, with or without a fingerlift or with overlapping liners.
  • Prototyping: Using laser, we manufacture bespoke die-cut prototypes, which you can test after integrating them into your application – rapidly and independently of serial production.
  • Small volumes: We can also make special functional parts in small volumes, depending on the type.

Lasering, die-cutting, laminating – our range of processing options

We manufacture exactly according to your individual requirements: manually, semi-automatically or fully automatically. We provide you with comprehensive advice on our various manufacturing processes and develop an efficient and stable workflow for your product. In the end, our aim is to transform an adhesive tape into an important functional part.

Using laser, we manufacture bespoke functional parts, which you can test directly in your production process – independently of serial production. Our lasers impress with their absolute precision and speed in production as well as their extremely short set-up times.

Our rotary die-cutters have the advantage that small functional parts can be manufactured very fast in large volumes.

In addition to prototyping and serial production, our ultra-modern flatbed presses are also ideal for manufacturing larger functional parts. Numerous different backing materials such as foams are suited for this purpose.

Laminating can refer either to one material which is bonded to a backing material or to several layers of identical or different materials that are bonded together. We laminate or coat according to your individual specifications – on one side, both sides or only partially adhesive.

Special bonding techniques in practice

The following examples from the automotive and industrial sectors clearly show where adhesive solutions can provide a sensible and, above all, inexpensive alternative.

Creative adhesive solution for a maple leaf window

A well-known manufacturer of high-quality aluminium doors approached us with a particularly original challenge. It had to be a completely glued window in the shape of a maple leaf. Our team was able to show that even for such unusual requirements we come up with a tailor-made and cost-effective solution with our adhesive tape know-how.

We opted for our high-performance adhesive tape Coroplast 9920 SPT. The highly flexible and adaptable acrylic compound is perfectly suited. It compensates the tension between glass and aluminium caused by temperature changes. In addition, this product can be cut absolutely precisely with our laser.

With this project we show once again that we can not only produce functional parts with more than just simple geometric shapes, but also with any complex shape - such as a maple leaf.

Bondings and seals for MORELO motorhomes

MORELO, the premium manufacturer of motorhomes, approached us with a set of interesting requirements: we got together with their experts to develop, design and implement new, different – and highly specific – adhesive solutions, helping to cut the customer’s costs and simplify their production processes.

Amongst other things, we used adhesive tapes to secure handles and cupboards that were previously screwed. Furthermore, in the shower cubicle we were able to bond both a shower tub seal and the shower door protector cost-efficiently, and above all permanently.

One window – 13 coroplast die-cut parts: the Geneo Inovent by Rehau

Bondings can also represent a cheaper and more sustainable alternative in the door and window industry. We demonstrated that very effectively together with our customer Rehau: by installing a total of 13 different bonding and sealing parts in a highly innovative window, the frame of which has a concealed air conditioning system to allow ventilation even when closed.

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Would you like to know whether an adhesive solution might be a better – and above all cheaper – alternative for your particular application? If so, you are welcome to contact us! We’ll be happy to advise you!

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