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Windows & doors Sealing

Coroplast adhesive tapes can be found in an extremely wide range of applications – such as sealing tapes in dry glazing or as window connection tapes specially designed to effectively bond windows to house walls while compensating for varying levels of moisture.


Sealing: single and double-sided systems

Double-sided PE foam adhesive tapes

  • PE foams with various densities
  • Double-sided coated
  • Different adhesive systems

EPDM and PU foam adhesive tapes

  • open-celled PU foams, such as semi-closed-cell and closed-cell EPDM foams
  • Adhesion also to difficult surfaces
  • PU foam adhesive tapes with sound damping class E (according to LV 312)

High-performance adhesive tapes

  • Coroplast SPT series quality products
  • Self-adhesive acrylic foams
  • Best stress absorption due to its viscoelastic behaviour
  • High flexibility and adaptability to the bonding components
  • Extremely high final bonding

Single-sided PE foam adhesive tapes

  • Closed-celled foams with solvent-free adhesive systems
  • Thicknesses: 1.0 mm – 6.0 mm
  • High initial tack and good final bonding


Hermetic window connection

Flashing tape/window connection tape

  • Moisture adaptive carrier
  • Aggressive adhesive for construction sites
  • IFT Rosenheim approval

Airproof adhesive tape, film

  • Moisture-resistant adhesive for construction sites
  • Weatherproof and UV resistant for approx. 6 month
  • For airtight construction according to EnEV and DIN 4108-7
  • Free of solvents and emulsifiers, EC-1-plus approval mark (no VOC)

Private-label products

  • Based on the premium quality of the Coroplast RPX tapes
  • Aligned to your Corporate Design
  • Minimum quantities and layout options upon request

Information to download Our range of products at a glance

Do you need a quick overview of the range of products that our Technical Adhesive Tapes division has to offer or require more detailed information about individual products? Here you will find further information to download.