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Special applications

Mechanical and plant engineering and automation technology Special applications

Adhesive tapes from the Coroplast Grip series are a low-cost alternative to elaborate industrial roller equipment such as anti-slip coatings or rubber coatings. Wherever rollers, pulleys or surfaces in production facilities need to be protected from abrasion, wear or adhesions, you can use tapes that have been specially developed for these purposes. Furthermore, they reliably prevent sensitive strip materials from being damaged after coming into contact with rollers.


Roller-applied finishes / repellent or grip equipments

Grip tapes

  • Cost-effective alternative to complex, industrial roller-applied finishes based on silicone
  • Suitable wherever delicate strip materials have to be protected during production process
  • Generates grip or non-stick properties depending on design
  • Excellent kneading resistance


Splicing of cables

Acrylic sealing mass

  • Double-sided adhesive acrylic mass, best sealing effect due to self-bonding properties
  • For water- and airtight splices
  • Extreme flexibility
  • Visual control of splices due to maximum transparency 

Cloth adhesive tapes

  • For bundling and binding wire harnesses, cable junctions and solder joints
  • Good dielectrical properties due to dense or coated textile material
  • High adhesion

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