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When developing our Coroplast corrosion-protection bindings, traditional materials such as bitumen and grease were replaced with contemporary polymer materials, just like the well-known Coroplast insulation tapes – for an even more modern and therefore cold-processable corrosion protection for your cables.

We have developed a transparent repair tape for patching plant protection films and hothouses that features outstanding performance in terms of moisture influence and UV radiation. Apart from crop protection, the adhesive tape serves as an excellent all-round repair tape for other purposes.



Anti-corrosion tapes based on polyethylene

  • For final wrapping on bitumen or butyl-coated welds 
  • Anti-corrosion tapes for steel and installation pipes
  • Excellent adhesion, even on backing
  • For masts protection

Plasticized PVC adhesive tapes

  • DIN EN 60454-3-1 F-PVC/105/A-Tx Typ 10 approved
  • Flame-retardant according to DIN 4102-B1
  • UV and weather resistant
  • For sealing insulation films, insulation jackets and sleeves (Isogenopak®)
  • To avoid contact corrosion
  • High protection for exposed pipes


Plant protection

Weather resistant repairing tape

  • Excellent adhesion on films in greenhouses and on plant protection films
  • Highly flexible, tearable by hand, good elasticity
  • Solvent-free acrylic adhesive with very good water and ageing resistance
  • Good UV resistance


Protection of books and drawings

Adhesive films based on plasticised PVC

  • Excellent transparency
  • Permanent, writable protection of book covers, maps and drawings - also at production lines in the wire harness production
  • Grid marks on the backing paper enable straight and right-angled cutting edges

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