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Cable binding

Building & Construction / Installation / Heating Cable binding

We develop adhesive tapes with great enthusiasm – and especially for customers with intricate requirements. The results are high-quality Coroplast products designed to cope with special or unusual situations. We also develop non-adhesive tapes for our customers and have PVC cable tapes for various applications in our range:

  • Cable tape for bundling and binding wires and cables
  • PVC tape for making the insulating sheaths of pipes in housing technology
  • Cable tape as covering material in electroplating applications


Binding & bundling

Non-adhesive wiring tapes based on plasticised PVC

  • For non-adhesive bundling of cables and wires
  • Excellent mechanical properties and high elasticity
  • Suitable as masking material in the electroplating industry

INFORMATION TO DOWNLOAD Our range of products at a glance

Do you need a quick overview of the range of products that our Technical Adhesive Tapes division has to offer or require more detailed information about individual products? Here you will find further information to download.