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Tobias Zielony in the art hall in Barmen

Up to mid-January 2018, the „Von der Heydt-Kunsthalle Barmen“ presents the exhibition of Tobias Zielony, a photographer and film maker who has made a name for himself in the scene. Coroplast is proud to support his current exhibition in the art hall.
Photographer Tobias Zielony is standing in front of his art works in the art hall Barmen.

Tobias Zielony in the art hall Barmen

Zielony, born in Wuppertal in 1973, is on his best way to become one of the most important art photographers of his generation. In 2015, he was even selected for the German Pavilion at the Venice Biennial. With his portraits, at the same time intimate and distanced, Zielony confronts us with adolescents in urban fringe areas. His photos are strikingly powerful, vivid and authentic. In his current exhibition, Tobias Zielony allows us to dive into the Ukrainian sub-culture and experience a fascinating journey.

The sponsorship of the current exhibition is part of a comprehensive arts engagement that Coroplast has been practicing for years now – because art is part of our company culture. Besides regional art sponsorships, art also plays an important role at our Coroplast locations. In 2012, we even started our own art competition and since then regularly present the CoroArt Award.

Click here to find out more about our commitment to art and culture.

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