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Three-dimensional view into the wheel arch – with the IPS simulation software

Wheel arches offer very little assembly space. Coroplast has therefore collaborated with partners to develop a special 3D program that simulates the situation in the assembly space highly realistically. At the IPS Conference in Speyer, Matthias Mehnert, head of the Service Center Ingolstadt, will be presenting two interesting case studies.

Highest standards in a minimum of space – the wheel arch

The situation in the wheel arch: An increasing number of functions need to be built into an ever smaller space. Whether wheel rotation sensors, brake wear indicators, electronic parking brakes or damper controls – the number of actuators and sensors is growing. And with them the number of cables that have to be installed. “It was precisely this increasing complexity in the wheel arch that gave us the idea for the software that visualises the optimal routing of the cables,” says Matthias Mehnert. The head of the Service Center in Ingolstadt is the driving force behind the software development at Coroplast.

Fewer prototypes, lower costs

The IPS simulation software realistically reflects the situation in the assembly space three-dimensionally in the form of animations, making it possible to calculate points of contact, collision and high stress with great precision. The technology also enables bending radii, applied forces, rotations and tensions to be analysed and optimised on the basis of the simulation data. Result: Development progresses faster, as fewer prototypes have to be built and fewer iterations are needed. In short, the software saves both time and costs.

„The increasing complexity in the wheel arch gave us the idea for a software application that visualises the optimal routing of the cables.“
Matthias Mehnert (head of the Coroplast Service Center in Großmehring)
Portrait Matthias Mehnert Coroplast
Matthias Mehnert and Marc Haeussinger will demonstrate the potential of the IPS simulation software at the IPS Conference at the Technik Museum in Speyer on 18 and 19 June, 2019.

Fascinating case studies from the 4th IPS Conference

The software has extremely high potential for the future because it is also useful for a host of other applications. Apart from the wheel arch, for example, it can also be used for the seat wiring. Matthias Mehnert will be presenting two case studies at the 4th IPS Cable Simulation Conference: 

•    Daimler axle wiring in the new M-Class (167 series) 
•    Seat wiring in the Audi A6 (C8)

The 4th IPS Cable Simulation Conference will take place in Speyer on June 18th and 19th 2019. More information about the programme and events can be found at the IPS Conference website.

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Do you have any questions about animated simulations of cable assemblies in wheel arches or other assembly spaces? Then please feel free to contact us.

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Matthias Mehnert

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