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Education & social issues

Education and social issues Commitment for equal opportunity

As a locally based company, we are keen to assume responsibility and actively help shape our society. That’s why Coroplast makes a significant contribution towards promoting education and social projects in the region around our company headquarters in Wuppertal. We see education not only as the basis for the successful future of Germany, but also as a fundamental requisite for enabling equal opportunity.

Girl with helmet and climbing gear next to Natalie Mekelburger
Natalie Mekelburger playing with the children at the Christian-Morgenstern school.

Supporting the Christian-Morgenstern-Schule

Since 2015 we have been supporting the Christian-Morgenstern-Schule, an independent Waldorf school in Wuppertal. Here we support children who find it difficult to learn or live in a community. The special school for social and emotional development helps the pupils to find and stabilise their personality. And this with very different and pedagogically progressive methods, such as eurythmy therapy, speech, music or painting therapy.

Theatrical performance on a large stage in the newly designed ballroom is also firmly anchored in the curriculum. In this way every pupil learns to jump over his shadow and speak, play or sing in front of an audience. And the new climbing tower, which we co-financed, is intended to give the children not only the necessary surefootedness, but also self-confidence and self-assurance.


Junior Uni Wuppertal.

Supporting the Junior Uni Wuppertal

As an employer of some 5,700 people worldwide, we see it as our responsibility to promote talent intensively at an early stage, just like the Junior Uni Wuppertal does. Initiated in 2008 as an educational experiment, since that time the university for children and youth has allocated over 42,000 places in courses to students ranging from four to 20 years old. Coroplast has supported the Junior Uni Wuppertal since 2009, promoting numerous courses in the fields of science and technology.

Junior Uni Wuppertal

Support of the Deutschlandstipendium

Since 2017, we have been supporting the Deutschlandstipendium at the University of Wuppertal and the University of Bochum. With our engagement, we aim at taking over social responsibility and supporting tomorrow’s top talents by helping high-performing students to exploit their full potential.

The Deutschlandstipendium promotes highly talented students at all participating universities in Germany, independently from social background. In addition to academic achievement, the criteria for selecting scholarship recipients include social commitment and personal achievements, as well.


Partnership with the University of Wuppertal

Since 1995 we have supported the association “Freunde und Alumni der Bergischen Universität e.V.” (FABU: friends and alumni of the University of Wuppertal) – a strong, multidisciplinary network for students, alumni, members and partners of the University of Wuppertal. In 2016 we intensified our commitment by becoming premium sponsors.

With our sponsoring membership, we support the wide array of projects organised by FABU, such as in the fields of culture, talent programmes and research, as well as teaching and the international campus life at the University of Wuppertal.

Freunde und Alumni der Bergischen Universität e.V.

The Hügelstraße secondary school football team.

Cooperation with the Hügelstraße secondary school

Since 2007, Coroplast has supported the Hügelstraße secondary school in Wuppertal in organising various projects. As part of our annual career information programme, over a four-month period we provide school students with insights into the corporate world of Coroplast, familiarise them with our vocational training apprenticeships and help them prepare for working life with simulated suitability tests and job interviews. Apart from that, we promote the Hügelstraße students’ café, which supports children with leisure activities such as games afternoons as well as theatre, dancing and music groups. Coroplast also equips the school football team with brand new shirts and playing equipment.

Hügelstraße secondary school

Promoting the volunteer fire brigade in Wuppertal

Serving the common good and helping people in need – with these aims in mind, a great many people are involved in volunteer fire brigades throughout Germany. Coroplast supports this important voluntary commitment as its way of assuming responsibility for Wuppertal and the surrounding region. As early as the 1950s, Coroplast set up its own volunteer fire department, which is quickly on the spot in case of emergencies on the company premises and offers proficient help. Moreover, for many years we have supported the Nächstebreck volunteer fire brigade, which not only provides help as an emergency response team, but also plays a major role in training young assistants.