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Art & culture

CoroArt Passionate commitment

Art and culture are created through a mixture of passion and inspiration. At Coroplast, too, we focus on these values, as they are the driving force behind our innovative products and our success. To inspire the people around us, we work to promote culture in our region. Art has become a firmly embedded aspect of our corporate culture, which we call CoroArt.

Museum director Gerhard Finckh, Natalie Meckelburger with artist Thomas Wrede und Constanze Krieger (left to right)
Museum director Gerhard Finckh, Natalie Mekelburger with artist Thomas Wrede und Constanze Krieger (left to right)

Art sponsoring at the Von der Heydt Museum

Coroplast has been a boon to the regional art scene for more than ten years. In cooperation with the Von der Heydt Museum in Wuppertal, every year we support high-calibre exhibitions and not only invite art lovers and representatives from the worlds of politics and commerce, but also our employees to exclusive guided tours together with the artists and the museum curator Dr Gerhardt Finckh.

Since 2007, Coroplast has promoted numerous exhibitions at the Von der Heydt-Museum and the Von der Heydt-Kunsthalle, including “Sven Drühl: Works 2001–2013”, “Maike Freess”, “Tony Cragg – Retrospective – Parts of the World”, “Tobias Zielony - Photography and Video” and “Thomas Wrede – Sceneries”

To the "Von der Heydt Museum" website

Constanze Krieger (left) und Natalie Mekelburger (2nd from right) with artist Tobias Zielony and curator Beate Eickhoff
Sven Drühl presents his works to Coroplast employees at the Von der Heydt Museum.
Sponsoring the art exhibition of Maike Freess at the Von der Heydt Museum.
Natalie Mekelburger (right) and Constanze Krieger together with Tony Cragg.
Natalie Mekelburger (right) and Constanze Krieger together with Tony Cragg.

The CoroArt Award

In 2012, our passion for art led us to initiate the CoroArt Award, which we have regularly presented ever since. In collaboration with the School of Art and Design at the University of Wuppertal, Coroplast rewards young, talented artists and designers for the outstanding creative works they make using company products. With this idea we want to give budding young artists a creative challenge, a platform to present their works, and promote them in general. After the presentation, we purchase many of the works to exhibit them at our premises, sharing our passion for art with our employees.

2017, the art award, endowed with a prize of 3,000 euros, was presented for the fifth time. This year's motto: „Transformation“. The prize-giving ceremony was held on 8 November 2017, the prizewinners were selected by a jury consisting of several experts:

  • Prof. Katja Pfeiffer, University of Wuppertal (BUW), School of Art and Design
  • Dr Gerhard Finckh, Director of the Von der Heydt Museum
  • Natalie Mekelburger, Chairwoman of the Board of Management at Coroplast
  • Constanze Krieger, Head of Marketing & Communication at Coroplast

Art in the stairwell at Coroplast.
“Snails’ grand prix” – art made of adhesive tapes.
Play of colours made of adhesive tape.
"Handshake" made of cables.

CoroArt Award 2017

CoroArt prizewinners receiving their awards.
The first place goes to Emily Goede and her "Cocoon".
Third place: "Pirouetting Tree".
Third place also for the "Theater of Elements".

Between atmosphere and abstraction: expressive pictures by Christoph Klute adorn the walls at Coroplast.

CoroArt for employees
– art within arm’s reach

One glance at the various Coroplast locations tells you that art enjoys a high priority at the company. Whether conference rooms, corridors or staff offices: a great number of pictures and sculptures adorn the walls, transforming the company into an exhibition area. Dotted among the works of celebrated people are the creations of talented young artists and designers – such as the winners of our CoroArt competition.

These works make Coroplast a place of creativity and motivation, where art is an integral element of inspiration in our daily endeavours.

“Dialogues sur la cafetière”: art by Wolfgang Schmidt in a kitchenette at Coroplast in Wuppertal.
Striped pictures made of colour and tapes: the colourful works of Ariane Koch, which decorate the company hallways, are made of Coroplast adhesive tapes.
Coroplast at the presentation of the “Nadel der Medici” business award in Düsseldorf in 2016.

“Nadel der Medici” goes to Coroplast

In honour of its commitment to the world of art, Coroplast was presented with the prestigious “Nadel der Medici” business award in the category “Best Overall Corporate Concept” in 2016.

The award is regularly given to companies and institutions from Düsseldorf and the surrounding region that are particularly amenable to art and promote it at their various locations.

In 2016, the prize-giving ceremony of the “Nadel der Medici” was held in the festive atmosphere of the “Lambertussaal” in Düsseldorf and attended by Thomas Geisel, Mayor of the City of Düsseldorf, as well as over 100 guests from the worlds of commerce, art, culture and politics.

“Wuppertaler Kurrende” boys’ choir

Promoting the “Wuppertaler Kurrende” boys’ choir

Coroplast has supported the “Wuppertaler Kurrende” boys’ choir for many years. With its 90-year tradition, the Kurrende is among the outstanding cultural institutions in the Bergisches Land region. 

Working together with numerous kindergartens and schools, the Kurrende provides key impulses for the musical education and cultural identity of our children. It therefore plays a unique educational role in the region, which the family-run company Coroplast is happy to promote.

"Wuppertaler Kurrende" boys' choir