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Quality / Environment / Energy We focus on concrete measures

Quality is a basic requisite for economic success. At Coroplast we have therefore made quality a strategic corporate objective that the entire team is committed to and actively practises. We require consistent high quality to satisfy our customers in the long term, to maintain our market position – and ultimately to grow our market share. Quality begins from the first time we talk to a customer and runs like a thread throughout our entire production and service chain – including material, processing and service – and applies equally to all of the Coroplast Group’s locations. We also expect the same high standard of quality from our suppliers that we demand of ourselves. In order to guarantee quality on a long-term basis, over the last few years we have taken a series of concrete measures that are continually being improved and expanded. Whatever action we take, we always focus on sustainable environmental protection, the efficient utilisation of energy, and the safety and well-being of our employees.

Zero-error strategy at Coroplast

When implementing our quality regulations, we follow the zero-error strategy, which we guarantee not only with our excellent technical infrastructure, but also with the comprehensive qualification measures that our employees and executives are required to undergo. In concrete terms this means:

  • The use of an Integrated Management System for quality, the environment and energy that is deployed throughout all areas of the company
  • Continuous Improvement Processes (CIPs) specially developed by Coroplast (COROZEN) 
  • Investments in development and facilities remain at a continuously high level 
  • The use of environmentally compatible raw materials, processes and products
  • Basic and further training of our employees at our CoroAcademy
  • Numerous certifications at our various Group locations
„An old and true adage says: Quality is when the customer comes back – and not the product. With this concept in mind, at Coroplast we work with a standardised, comprehensive management system that does not leave quality to chance – anywhere in the world.“
Andree Straube (central quality manager for the Coroplast Group)

Energy management

An energy management system not only guarantees that energy is used both economically and efficiently, it cuts costs as well. That’s why our energy management team in Wuppertal is constantly busy with systematically recording and evaluating consumption data and demonstrating potential ways of reducing costs and boosting efficiency.

A further element of the energy management system is to teach each individual employee to handle energy with greater awareness. The CoroAcademy therefore continually provides training to broaden employee understanding of this topic.

Our integrated approach helps us to bundle the knowledge gained at the various Coroplast Group locations and make it available to all of our companies.


Continuous improvement, the avoidance of errors and detailed root cause analysis are important issues at Coroplast in our continual striving to provide outstanding product quality. We always prioritise quality rather than quantity. In order to achieve this aim, we utilise our in-house developed COROZEN concept, which has its roots in the Japanese word kaizen (“kai” means “change”, “zen” means “for the better”). 

The concept is based on the permanent, step-by-step improvement of activities, processes and products by all of the company’s employees with the objective of safeguarding quality and minimising costs.

Our sustainability strategy

The Coroplast sustainability strategy concentrates our activities relating to the environment and energy and defines specific measures to achieve two aims: 

  • Firstly, to raise the efficiency of processes in the use of resources, such as the efficiency of machines, equipment, production processes, optimised product design, efficient technology in building facilities, etc.
  • Secondly, to train and instruct employees to handle both materials and energy with due care and avoid wastage

If you are interested in finding out more about our quality, environmental and sustainability strategies, you are welcome to contact us at:     

Your contact Quality / Environment / Energy

If you want to know more about our quality management system, the respective certificates or our sustainability strategy, please contact the assistant of our Global Quality Director of the Coroplast Group.

Margret Busch
Assistant to the Head of Quality Management
T +49 202 2681 445
F +49 202 2681 373
Margret Busch

Your contact Quality / Environment / Energy

If you want to know more about our quality management system, the respective certificates or our sustainability strategy, please contact our Global Quality Director of the Coroplast Group.

Andree Straube
Head of Quality Management
T +49 202 2681 152
F +49 202 2681 373
Andree Straube