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A case for Tim Reinwald

A case for Tim Reinwald

The printer won’t print, the Internet is stuck, the formatting of the spreadsheet isn’t working out – just everyday problems in office life: and cases for Tim Reinwald to solve. As a trainee IT specialist for system integration, he is the man who comes to help when Coroplast employees call the in-house IT hotline. Even if things can sometimes get a little hectic, Tim Reinwald doesn’t get flustered and his colleagues greatly appreciate his help.

Things were different as he began his training. Am I good enough? Can I assert myself in this sophisticated atmosphere? These were the questions that Tim Reinwald asked himself on his first day in the new job. However, with his vocational baccalaureate diploma and combined training as IT assistant, he was ideally prepared for the task ahead. The atmosphere in the IT department turned out to be easy-going and an introductory seminar on etiquette for trainees helped him make a self-assured impression in new situations, such as when happening to meet managing directors in the elevator. One of Tim Reinwald’s passions is communication tools. “I had the idea of installing SharePoint and Lync at Coroplast, to speed up the internal flow of information among staff”, says Tim Reinwald. With the support of an external service provider, his plan was implemented throughout the company. “As a trainee, it was a great feeling being in charge of a project like that”, he says. In summer 2016, after completing his training, the 23-year-old IT specialist was given a permanent work contract. The only thing he has changed is his hobby: instead of flying high with model aircraft, Tim Reinwald now prefers the more down-to-earth pastime of cycling.

„I really appreciate having the freedom to develop my ideas and the confidence people have in my work.“
Tim Reinwald (IT specialist for system integration, completed his training at Coroplast.)

“I really enjoyed the fact that my colleagues and managers gave me the opportunity to try out new things. For instance, without a great deal of supervision, I was able to set up a test environment and try out my ideas at my own pace. And of course now I’m also quite proud of the fact that my work has been put into practice and SharePoint is now firmly established at Coroplast.”